I enjoy being a leader, mentor, and contributor in an agile environment.

UX Strategy and Design

A true Libra, I enjoy planning and connecting the dots.

Information Architecture

Chaos turned into an organized and well-labeled system.


Asking the right questions, and at the right time.


I love solving problems and the ever-changing industry that is digital. I have enjoyed a large variety of projects, from business to business CMS platforms, to medical applications. In the last two years, I have managed a team of designers on an agile and CICD e-commerce platform. 


Life-Saving Equipment

The device was too large and expensive to demonstrate in hospitals. Every salesperson does have an iPad. An application was needed to demonstrate its ease of use and its life-saving uses.

Mission-Critical Platform

An American and Canadian defense company needed to unite various products and services that ranged from hand-held radios for soldiers, to solutions that were "don't ask, don't tell".